Paramount Award Winner
Shigeyuki Kihara
Galu Afi: Waves of Fire (2012)
Digital video, 4 min 59 sec

Shigeyuki Kihara Galu Afi  Waves of Fire (2012)

The prize consists of a six month residency with the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York; plus a bronze trophy by Terry Stringer.



Fulbright-Wallace Arts Trust Award
Steve Carr
Burn Out (2009)

16mm film, 4 min 54 sec

Steve Carr Burn Out (2009)

The prize consists of a three month residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, California USA.


The Kaipara Foundation Wallace Trust Award
John Brown
John Wayne (2012)

Urethane, resin, silicone, floc, acrylic

John Brown John Wayne (2012) urethane resin silicone floc acrylic

The prize consists of a three month residency at the Altes Spital in Solothurn, Switzerland.


The Wallace Arts Trust Development Award
Katie Theunissen
Entanglement (2012) 
Oil on canvas, 1500 x 1885mm

Katie Theunissen Entanglement (2012)

The prize consists of a two month residency at the Vermont Studio Center in the United States.


First Runner Up
Karin Hofko
You Were Supposed to be a Photograph or a Story of Technology Taking Over (2012)
Video, 3 min 55 sec



Second Runner Up
Tessa Laird
Demonological (2012)
Screenprint and linoprint, gouache



Jury Award
Erica van Zon
Chinese Desert Lines Rug (2012)
Wool, canvas cotton, 800 x 1300 x 35mm



The People’s Choice Award
Gareth Price
The Greenbox Agreement (2012)
Acrylic on canvas