Gregor Kregar
Paramount Award
Gergor Kregar was the Paramount Award Winner in 2000 wih his sculpture “Prstan”.

Gergor Kregar was the Paramount Award Winner in 2000 wih his sculpture Prstan

Gregor Kregar has forged a reputation as a sculptor who is as fastidious as he is expansive in his practice. Kregar’s work is labour intensive and impressive is it’s scale and it’s visual impact. He is an artist who replicates the everyday world and adds a twist; familiar objects balloon into the sublime as his use of repetition, scale, and colour forge new meanings to familiar objects.

“My work is not confined to a single medium or material. In my sculptural practice I combine a wide variety of materials such as ceramic, glass, bronze, steel, wood, video and photography. I use familiar objects as subject matter such as television sets, bottles, inorganic rubbish, body parts and live animals. I am interested in how the familiar can be represented in a way that displaces the original meaning and imbues the subject with new and unfamiliar meanings. My work deals with issues of ambiguity and the uncanny, yet it is strongly connected to the social, economic and political environment I live in.”(1)

“I would question the romantic notion of the inspired artist. Why I make is connected to my life, society, and people – it is part of what I do and who I am. My birth has been the most significant event affecting my work so far. I work with a range of materials depending on the conceptual nature of the work. As an artist I am influenced more by continuous everyday experience than by any specific artists.”(2)

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