Jae Hoon Lee

The Dry Valley, 2012

Digital photograph

2080 x 950mm

The Artwork

I lead a nomadic existence, working in and between cultural territories. This creative process allows me to record and assemble an image bank of my experiences as a cultural wanderer. Over the past decade I have been collecting source material in New Zealand and other countries I have visited including India, Egypt, Nepal and Antarctica. My daily collecting habit has expanded to include natural elements, urban scenes, daily objects and banal accidents (random situations and happenings on the street). This bank of images is used to create the digitally collaged photographs and videos that        
are such a vital part of my oeuvre. Like a perpetual tourist, I work as a stranger in a strange land, compelled to understand what others may find unremarkable

Jae Hoon Lee, 2013


Lee’s digitally enhanced, hyper-real landscapes are a composite of images he personally gathers in his travels. While his works initially deceive the viewer with their familiar appearance, closer inspection reveals an acutely subjective engagement with the visual texture of a location, an elaborate visual trick. The Dry Valley is a result of many images Lee made in documenting his time in Antarctica in 2012.

The Artist

Born in Korea in 1973, Jae Hoon Lee completed his first fines art degree at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1998. His MFA from the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland followed in 2001, and he completed a DocFA at Elam in 2011. In January 2012 Lee was invited by Antarctica New Zealand to visit the frozen continent as an Antarctic Arts Fellow, participating in the prestigious, invitation-only Artists in Antarctica Programme initiated by Antarctica New Zealand, in partnership with Creative New Zealand.