Finalists Announced for the 25th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2016

The Wallace Arts Trust has announced the finalists for the 25th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2016. This year the Trust received 371 entries from which 88 entries have been selected as finalists.

The finalists have been selected by the 2016 judging panel, comprising of by prominent members of the arts sector’ Andrew Clifford, Georgina Ralston, Philip Trusttum, Richard Maloy and Sam Mitchell.

All finalists’ works will shortly be delivered to the Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, when round two of judging will commence. The judges will select the Award Winners, and a proportion of the works will be shown as part of the Award Winners & Travelling Finalists exhibition, with the balance shown in the Salon des Refusés.

The Annual Wallace Art Awards aim to support, promote and expose New Zealand contemporary art and artists. Sir James Wallace established the Annual Wallace Art Awards 25 years ago. These Awards are now the longest surviving and largest annual art awards of their kind in New Zealand, with a value amounting to over $200,000.

The exhibitions will be opened by one of the original judges for the first awards in 1992, Philippa Lady Tait. The opening will be at the Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Monday 5 September 2016, in an invitation only ceremony.


Finalist List

Matt Arbuckle, John Badcock, Kathy Barber, Antje Barke, Joshua Bashford, Ed Bats, David Black,
Alice Blackley, Marc Blake, Jeremy Blincoe, Cachemaille & Bowmast, Stuart Bridson, Lee Brogan,
David Brown, Matthew Browne, D Milton Browne, Josephine Cachemaille, Helen Calder, Cathy Carter,
Scotto Clarke, Paris Curno, Istvan Denes, Caitlin Devoy, Nick Dewar, Ekarasa Doblanovic,
Sam Dollimore, Brad Donovan, Matthew Dowman, Andrea du Chatenier, Claudia Dunes,
Edwards & Johann, Christopher Flavell, Mel Ford, Robbie Fraser, Craig Freeborn,
Gary Freemantle, Paula Friis, Scott Gardiner, Natalie Guy, Weilun Ha, Andre Hemer, Veronica Herber
Graeme Hitchcock, Brent Hollow, John Horner, Alan Ibell, Noel Ivanoff, Adrian Jackman,
David Jarvis Curno, Sebastien Jaunas, Raymond Jennings, Margaret Johnston, Anna Korver,
Andy Leleisi’uao, Virginia Leonard, Josh Lotz-Keegan, Jacqueline Macleod, Brendan McGorry,
Peter Miller, Simon Morris, Shintaro and Yoshiko Nakahara, Rod Olliff, Jonathan Organ,
Donna-Marie Patterson, Jessica Pearless, Nicholas Pound, Toby Raine, Mark Rayner, Christina Read, Wilhelmus Ruifrok, Andre Sampson, Andrew Simmonds, Glen Snow, Jill Sorenson, Garth Steeper,
Henry Symonds, Jack Trolove, Akky van der Velde, Evan Woodruffe, Jane Zusters, Brit Bunkley
Claire Hughes, Hye Rim Lee, Jennifer Mason, Shannon Novak, Alex Plumb, Raewyn Turner & Brian Harris,
Rewa Wright