25th Annual Wallace Art Awards 2016 – Applications Open

You can fill out the application for the 25th Wallace Art Awards 2016 here 

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  • Jo-ann Farnell

    Would very much like to know how one submits and entry as this site is no longer taking submissions. Are entries closed or does one need to visit Pah Homestead?

    • Anne Pokel

      Hi Jo-Ann, all entry details will be available on the website shortly; apologies for delay. Kind regards,
      the JWAT team

  • Reply

    Hi Kit , I tried several times to upload my entry at 300DPI but was unable to but found that i could only achieve this at 150 DPI due to the MB I presume. Is there anyway that I can send the larger image so that the Judges can see the image at the 300 resolution requested . Thanks Cathy Carter

  • Nicole Kolig

    where is the submit option for entry.? Where is the confirmation of my entry submission?

  • Istvan Denes

    Hi there,

    You are advised to view packaging instructions and guidelines on the Trust’s website under “Transport Packaging”. Sorry, it’s my fault but I couldn’t find it.

    Could you please help me?

    Kind Regards:
    Istvan Denes

  • Reply

    Hi there,

    I would love to submit my project, called “The Box Art Project” to the 25th Annual Wallace Arts Awards 2016. For some reason your website isn’t working for me and I’m not sure how to apply. (the ‘Next Page’ button isn’t working properly, and this first page is the only one I can access).

    Can you please send me details on how I may submit?

    More details of the project are available on the website:, and also the facebook page:

    Kind regards,

    Kristy Robinson.

    • Reply

      Hi Kristy,

      Can we suggest that you try to open it in a new browser or disable any anti-virus software you might have running.

      Let us know if this is still a struggle.

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